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4141号 Xing Xing(星星)1
4141号 Xing Xing(星星)

Name 姓名 : 4141号 Xing Xing(星星)

Age 年龄 : 21 Years Old

Height 身高 : 164cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Weight 体重 : 48

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓




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Characteristic Service/特色服务

Tarma / 双飞
4053号 Honey(蜜糖)


2021-06-05 13:20Kurosaki Ichigo Says:
Photo n vid do her no justs .... tongue very soft touches the dick very sensation ... licks dick head like lollipop...soft moan superb alluring and real. High quality do not miss !
2021-06-03 08:58Urahara Kisuke Says:
Fr for Xing Xing (Star) , as feel that some comments may not truly reflect her. I will try to describe as close based on my individual exploration.

When Xing Xing opened the door, I was mesmerised by her from strong fragrance of her hair as she had just washed up her hair, looking fresh and stunning with makeup.+ bonus point . She is a fair , young looking lady 1.6m over. She seems like a high etiquette lady where she just merely give me a warm smile and shyly turns her back to take off her clothes. Inside the washing room, she washes every parts of my body servicing me like a king. My dick naturally rises up when she is handling it. And she smiles away soon without any instructions. She instinctively gives me a prep suck. Woo La La ... I try my best enduring her suctions as intense grow against my hardened shaft. After sometime, I help her to rinse her vagina where she did’nt reject. This is another +bonus .

Back to the room, she started the initiation to hug me and we kiss like a lover. Wahhh I wonder everyone receives like me probably I am too handsome.
tongue fighting is very mesmerising we are both exasperated for air. . Without any hint, I swiftly motion her up and reach behind her grasping her full soft natural 34C breast and swirling in circular motion. She is indulged in pleasure as she closed her eyes ....the best part comes. She turned her head to my side and we frenched again. She is truly a gem. She makes me a handsome man, boasted my pride and I dun’t comment any further.

This is narrative of my own. Different people might experience different pending on circumstances. Her looks does not reflect well from her photo and video, she look much better, slim, fair white porcelain skins , smooth. Her luring sound stereo very very musical which is naturally echo by her, can tell not fake ones. Another bonus point. Her eloquent communication is good where we chat away. GFE really grow, looking at her white body and her round eyes. Another bonus point. Nowadays girls dun speak much but you can feel it is not commercial chat, she is on different level. Rtf is definitely. Another bonus point I keep for myself.

I dun say much due to my promise for her. I will write a review.
2021-06-03 01:24Purwa Says:
Xing Xing is gorgeous with excellent figure. She is really friendly and really knows how to turn you on.

She is not rushed. She offers really good BJ and FJ. Really tight pussy and when she squeezes you inside her, it is heaven.

Will definitely RTF.
2021-06-03 00:49贵人 Says:
样貌: 10/10 照片是本人.我喜欢的类型
皮肤: 9/10 柔滑
咪咪: 9/10 C奶,摸着很软很舒服,爱不释

身材: 10/10 前凸后翘 ,抱着舒服
啪啪: 11/10 很紧很湿很敏感
口活: 9/10
服务: 配合度很高,
女友感: 9/10
回头 : must
Remark: 前后都有陪洗澡,完事还仅仅抱着你,抚摸你……回味无穷

搭配4053号Honey 一起效果更好……
2021-06-03 00:47OMG Says:
2021-06-03 00:11Okt34 Says:
Just meet 星星is a very nice girl, she is new to this line. Very green. She look gorgeous and sexy. Service is good and she try to accommodate every position you wish. As of short, nice girl with good attitude, big boobs.
Don\'t miss her..
2021-06-02 08:28For her sake Says:
She is not only hot somemore she is not for the mild gentle type. She will rape you instead. Natural B+ to C - boobs with nice nipples pinkish, fair white skin and her looks is prettier than photo. Very tight pussy she has .. already my fourth visit and more in coming.
2021-05-31 20:06King of Abalone Says:
Today is really amazing. A+ Gem in fact $190 is under grade for her. She should be least $2++ above. In my personal view. No offence brothers.
After reading Bfly n others reviews, it convinced me to look for 星星。 once I arrived her doorstep and she opened the door to inviting me. I am truly happy that is a correct choice.

Shall not give too much info. Like Bfly had said. “She’s hot then spicy, in another way

Look: 10/10 for me
Body: 10/10 slim, petite and alluring
Boobs: c cup natural with pinkish nipples
Bbbj: 11/10 she lick head too sensitive almost made me explode luckily I alert her to slow down.
Fj: 11/10 missionary and doggie, must try her doggie cuz her body is really sexy as she is white fair skin and her moan really melts man’s heart.

Divulge some of our lovemaking for her sake.
- As she is doing blowjob to me. I tried kept my mind away thinking other things when almost cannot endure. I request her for 69. She automatically switch position and her sweet ass above me. In delight, I smell her pussy aroma. Surely for there will be some existing aroma ( left for you guys to find out lah) however I already initiate 69 moreover cannot resist her sweet looking pussy. Just overcome the barrier aroma and conquer her. My decision is correct. Soon the aroma is replace by sweet nectar...I leave for you guys to find out. 星星started to make lowly tone sound (嗯....嗯..........给我了,想要)on hearing this I knew she is not satisfied... I became frantic mode, make my assault causing her to moaning sweet melody . ( I leave that for you guys to hear it out, hard to describe) she started to strike back by turbo charge giving my little bro in up down blowjob swiftly. To my sense, if this continues, I am the loser one. Therefore I halted her signal her to start our main course.

Rtf: confirm 200% the reason behind is simply because of her strong GFE. We managed to start a conversation and she can really make good conversation, our eye contacts never leaves. She can really KC guys melt guys heart. Seriously her look will grow on you plus her sex moan is very aspiring. Guys before you come seriously ask her whether any food needed as she look in hunger sad to see her but I must sound out lah.

Double confirm she is a GEM to be.
2021-05-29 00:07Bfly Says:
She’s hot. Ticks all my boxes: check, check, check
Natural big boob, fair, seductive, moans through the roof
Will def love her more if she’s more meaty
Rtf once savings reach enough & some to buy food for her
Gem , next Ang pai
2021-05-27 11:28XX_Lover Says:
Body: 7 - Xing Xing is not a slim girl. She is curvy so brothers wanting a lithe girl should adjust their expectations. She has a huge rack though.
Face: 8.5 - I think this is where Xing Xing shines. Her complexion is smooth and nice to the touch. She is fair. Overall, she\'s got a face that you can look at for hours. She doesn\'t have a slim face but those features are lovely.
BBBJ: 8 - Xing Xing makes tremendous effort to make her customers happy. She will try hard to deep-throat although she has not mastered technique and will gag once in a while. Still a novice but made me want to cum.
FJ: 9 - Xing Xing is very sensitive and gets super wet. If your technique is good, you can feel her inside squeezing and pulsating, which is very rewarding.

Other than that, I will be returning to visit Xing Xing quite often, I suspect, as she is one of those rare girls that will try to make conversation with you... and do it in a very sincere manner. I found myself telling her stuff that I usually don\'t even tell friends and that was very helpful on a stressful day. She was empathatic and responded in a way that gave me a sense that she was a well-mannered lady.
2021-05-25 19:10Andy Says:
Strongly recommend!

Nice figure, big boob, all natrual, snow white skin, nice sex!
2021-05-25 19:02Alex Says:




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