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M4248 Qian Qian(千千)1
M4248 Qian Qian(千千)

Name 姓名 : M4248 Qian Qian(千千)

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Weight 体重 : 45

Room 包房


Clarke Quay 克拉码头



Please quote seen from TT! 请说TT看见的!




2021-07-17 17:39大大大 Says:

新到女孩 : 千千
1. Age 年龄 : late 20’s -early 30’s

2. Face 颜值 : almost和照片一样@ 90% likeness ; pretty good.

3. Boobs 胸围 : real boobs C maybe; real, soft & sensitive

4. Body 身高体重 : 158 cm skinny, nice skin. Doesn’t smoke. Not SYT but body is better than any SYT. Better off a woman to manhandle you.

5. French 舌吻 : no, but its ok; at least we kissed.

6. AR 漫游后花园/毒龙 : Good , not the best but Good. Trust me.

7. Shower 陪浴 :cubicle too small. @MP atyle

8. Catbath 猫浴 :有。good, top to bottom ; where it matters & where it should be.

9. BBBJ 口交 :无套口 - Yes , good , memorable with her hair bun bobbing, shaking, swaying

10. Painting 舔鲍 :可以, but didnt try.

11. FJ 啪啪 :nice, wet. Toowet. Have to dry the condom first. Her hair untied, strewn on the matress. Pull her knee high & just push along with your rythm.

13. 女友感 GFE : of course! Like friend with benefits ...... she whispered “ i just had my period” what?! ...... lay in bed together;Sweet talk you for a few minutes. Prespiration all over & she still smell nice. Her long hair smells fragrant. She doesnt bring her phone, so boys must be patient for her reply.

14. 会回头吗 ? RTF yes- coz she broke me@ little brother misfire@ no bullet , so , part 2 will be ready soon.

伤害 Damage :
$180/1 hr

地点 Place : 靠近 near the usual Quay

女孩手机号码 HP no : 91242300

结论 Conclusion:arrived a little early & have to wait for a latecOmer( boys dont be late, its so disrespectful to your manhood); a little upset but all was forgiven after the session. Must conquer her again ......
2021-07-17 14:57欢喜哥 Says:

FR for 千千
1. 年龄 Age 轻熟女型,应该二十几岁后吧

2. Face 外观 轮廓鲜明,有点古点美,跟挂网照片有八分像

3. Neh Neh 长辈 C ➕原厂货

4. Body 曲线 身材适中,不过胖或瘦,皮肤光滑

5. French 蜜恋 舌战绵绵,是位高手

6. AR 漫游后花园
2021-07-14 17:34Second Says:
Fast hand fast leg, saw her and faster msg. Thought I could have been first blood but sadly second. Pics edited and touch up as usual but I\'ll say, see alrdy not too bad. Boobs are real and soft. Service excellent.
Definitely plan to RTF. Location nearby anw

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